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Village of Niles implements Ideagen Covalent to assess departmental performance management

17 April 2017
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Village of Niles, the local authority which oversees the running of the village’s government and businesses, is to implement a software application from Ideagen to monitor departmental performance and improvement.

Ideagen Covalent, Ideagen’s cloud-based performance and risk management software, will also enable the Illinois-based authority to assess itself against national benchmarking and neighbouring municipalities.

The software was chosen to replace Village of Niles’ manual system which had been in place to collate data as part of its performance measurement programme, launched in 2013.

Hadley Skeffington-Vos, Assistant Village Manager at Village of Niles, said Covalent will bring with it a host of analytical benefits for the authority.

She said: “We started a performance measurement programme in 2013. It was a directive of the mayor of the village who had worked for an organisation that carried out that type of work.

“Covalent will be implemented to modernise and digitise that programme. Being able to compare each department’s performance against each other via Covalent is going to be a huge factor. To be able to do that automatically and assess costs, percentages etc is excellent. It will help reduce errors and at the same time significantly increase accuracy.”

Village of Niles is a suburb of Chicago with around 30,000 residents. The village is made up of a large business population including a diverse community. The governing body is responsible for operating and maintaining the day-to-day running of the village including family services and regular police, fire and public works.

Hadley added: “Covalent will be our central system for performance and project management. We have a 2030 comprehensive plan and this plan is a set of goals and objectives to accomplish before 2030. It’s part of a larger vision that was set out and we will have data related to that uploaded and managed in Covalent to show progress towards those goals and objectives.”

She continued: “Eventually we’d like to compare ourselves against other municipalities but right now we are just comparing ourselves over time and against any national benchmarking. For example, our fire department has a lot of national standards, the police department has some national standards and so we will compare against those. This lets us see the progress we are making as an organisation over time or to find areas that require extra attention or needs improvement. It will also highlight different ways in which departments can collaborate.

"We are really excited by this project and are looking forward to seeing some real benefit."

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