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Three Lines of Defense Webinar

Friday 09 January 2015
Ideagen Three Lines Of Defense

Ideagen are delighted to announce a brand new GRC Webinar, all about the “three lines of defense” and how Ideagen’s GRC solutions can provide your organization with a comprehensive and effective suite of tools that encompass operational management, risk management, compliance functions and internal audit.   

Webinar: Achieving a Three Lines of Defense method through Ideagen's solutions 
Date: Thursday 5th February
Time: 3:00pm - 3:30pm (GMT)
Presented by: Ken Ebbage - Managing Director of GRC Software at Ideagen

"Pentana has enabled the three lines of defense in Risk Management and Control to work together more effectively. In addition, our clients are better able to communicate their Risk and Control environment to stakeholders." - BDO Risk Advisory

Watch our client success story with BDO Risk Advisory here

The three lines of defense model has been used successfully by many organizations to clarify responsibilities between departments and to improve effectiveness of risk management. It also provides some powerful messages for anyone considering how to introduce and implement GRC software in their organization. 

In this Webinar, we explore the detailed software functionality that might be required at each line of defense. Focusing on the individual requirements in this way will help ensure the successful implementation of an effective enterprise level risk management and control system.

The Webinar will be of interest to risk managers, internal auditors, internal control specialists, compliance officers, quality managers and anyone who is considering the implementation of GRC software, whether to gain background knowledge at an early stage or to assist in the development of a detailed RFP.

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