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Ideagen’s Pentana Performance software boosts Worcester City Council’s transformation programme

13 November 2017

Ideagen’s software will help the council “drive for excellence” with enhanced performance monitoring and reporting

Worcester City Council, which provides essential services to over 95,000 residents, is to adopt software from Ideagen as it looks to set up a reporting and performance monitoring system better aligned to a new council structure.

The City Council needs to ensure the correct information and data is presented and managed by the appropriate committee, following a recent move away from a cabinet-style leadership to a committee structure of governance.

Ideagen’s Pentana Performance software will ensure that operational monitoring and reporting will be replicated electronically, providing the council with a single picture of performance.

David Sutton, Deputy Director – Commissioning and Transformation at Worcester City Council, said: “The Pentana Performance software will align structurally to the way we are set up as an organisation.

“The software will integrate risks and performance, ensuring that they are being managed and monitored in one system rather than three or four.”

David added: “We are running a transformation programme at the moment and so this is an important element of a drive to excellence for us. Pentana Performance helps us to tie into the transformation programme and also supports the new committee structures.

“Timing wise it is excellent as we are starting new projects as an organisation and Pentana Performance is helping us develop those new projects in a more orderly way.”

As well as playing a key role in the Council’s corporate internal transformation project, Pentana Performance will monitor departmental and service related performance, actions, risks and feedback.

David said: “We will be utilising Pentana Performance to support the comprehensive management and oversight of the Council’s key corporate programmes such as transformation. Pentana Performance will enable us to engage with our colleagues across the authority so that each department can actually see how they contribute to the Council’s priorities as well as assess their operational success and weaknesses. The system enables departments to take ownership and manage their own performance and risks within corporate frameworks set for the whole Council.

“We should see a real difference from using Pentana Performance in our individual departments and services as we continue our drive for excellence.”

Pentana Performance is a cloud-based performance and risk management software application that is used by hundreds of organisations globally. It provides real time visibility and control of every aspect of strategic and operational performance and risk in an organisation.

Pentana Performance is the new name for Covalent software, after it was rebranded in September, 2017, to form a crucial component of Ideagen’s Pentana Assurance Suite.

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