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Newcastle Joint Research Office and Ideagen team up to enhance clinical trials and patient safety

22 May 2017
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The Newcastle Joint Research Office (NJRO) is to digitise operational processes to improve the quality and operational management of clinical trials and ultimately enhance patient safety.

The NJRO is working with software firm Ideagen to implement Ideagen’s Q-Pulse quality management software, enabling them to move away from paper-based and manual processes.

Q-Pulse will also enhance patient safety by allowing NJRO staff to manage serious breaches – a specific term in line with Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines for research organisations.

Lesley McShane, Information Manager at the NJRO, said Q-Pulse – which is already in place within several departments at Newcastle Hospitals – will provide them with a robust system for quality.

She added: “Following an MHRA audit we identified several areas where we could improve regarding our operational and quality processes, particularly in how we manage non-conformance, document control and auditing.”

Gill Robson, Quality Assurance Manager at NJRO, said: “Managing serious breaches is going to be a particular area of focus. It’s a very specific term under GCP, which governs our research activity, and is basically something that has the potential to impact on the data generated by the trial or cause harm to a patient.”

Gill added: “Q-Pulse will play its part in accountability and provide evidence that processes and protocols for the investigation and recording of such events were followed correctly.”

The NJRO is a partnership that bridges researchers in both Newcastle University and Newcastle Hospitals supporting the joint development, implementation and successful delivery of world-class research. 

Lesley McShane, Information Manager at the NJRO, said having all its data in one central and electronic location was a priority of the project with Ideagen. She continued: “Once the system is up and running we will witness great benefit both from a regulatory perspective and an operational one.

“We are particularly excited to have it in place ahead of our next MHRA audit. As much as we have detailed SOPs and working instructions, Q-Pulse gives us that extra bit of protection to complete tasks via its outstanding reminders functionality; it provides us with an electronic paper trail to make future inspections as pain free as possible.”

Ideagen is a leader in providing software and services into the UK NHS and currently works with 125 of the 165 English NHS Acute Trusts and all 14 Scottish Regional Health Boards. A recent healthcare project included providing an electronic order communications systems to Medway NHS Foundation Trust.

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