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How Ideagen Helps Companies Keep the Horror Stories for Halloween

28 October 2021

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Popular culture is littered with references to things going wrong in laboratories, manufacturing, food production, healthcare and chemical processes. Frankenstein, Spiderman and Little Shop of Horrors are just three of the best-known. But in reality companies work extremely hard throughout the year to ensure the only horror stories they tell are the fictional ones we all tell at Halloween.

Ideagen is a leading software provider to companies working in highly regulated industries. One of their leading products is Q-Pulse, a Quality Management System (QMS). Q-Pulse is used by hundreds of companies across the world in various industries to ensure there are consistent standards and processes met by everyone working in the business. This allows companies to employ consistency across their quality systems despite being in numerous locations and it helps to embed a culture of quality across the entire organisation.

It is this oversight and setting of standards that makes sure the right chemicals are added at the right stage of the process or that facilities are kept free of contaminants.

For a bit of fun this Halloween, Ideagen has created a ‘Workshop of Horrors’ to illustrate how a QMS can ensure companies adhere to Health & Safety legislation, identify risks and keep customers safe – and thereby ensure the only horror stories at Halloween are fictional.

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