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Governance, risk and compliance experts Ideagen to host key webinar on ‘Who Owns Enterprise Risk?’

18 May 2016

Ideagen, providers of governance, risk and compliance software to over 2,500 organisations globally, is to host a key industry webinar on ‘Who Owns Enterprise Risk?’

The webinar, which is free, is being held to tackle the age long discussion of who owns risk within an organisation.

Hosting the event will be Ideagen’s Head of Product Management, Ken Ebbage, as well as the company’s Technology Evangelist, Gordon McKeown.

Ideagen has also brought in the expertise of its Professional Services Consultant, Peter Adams, who has over 25 years' experience as a risk and audit professional, working primarily in the public and charity sectors.

Ken said: “The answer to a scenario of terrible risk, blind hope and inefficiency is to professionalise the management of quality and business change.

“The mainstreaming of Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) in 2016 is raising concerns about who owns risk across the organisation. This webinar, which follows swiftly on from our successful white paper on the same subject, is designed to tackle this issue – which has been a recent topic of hot discussion.

“This webinar will examine the anxiety, circumstances and trends that are causing this confusion. In it, we will share insights and experiences from our customer interactions and make recommendations for good practice for organisations.”

The ‘Who Owns Enterprise Risk’ webinar takes place on Thursday, May 26th at 4pm GMT.

During the session, the team will cover a number of topics including:

  • Internal Audit and Enterprise Risk Management
  • Compliance and Control
  • Blurring of Responsibilities and Conflict of Interest
  • Defining and Delivering ERM
  • Federation of Risk Management Systems and Solutions
  • Recommendations

You can register for the webinar here.

More Information

For further reading on the subject, you can download Ideagen’s ‘Who Owns Enterprise Risk?’ white paper here.

Event hashtag - #EnterpriseRisk

About the Speakers

Ken Ebbage is Head of Product Management at Ideagen. He takes a particular interest in Ideagen’s GRC products and works closely with internal audit and risk management clients to ensure that Ideagen’s Pentana software provides support for the latest methodologies. Ken is a keen international speaker on using technology to assist in the automation of audit and risk methodologies.

Gordon McKeown is a software marketing professional and Ideagen’s Technology Evangelist specialising in quality, safety, audit and risk management. Gordon contributes to defining and implementing product strategy of Ideagen's audit and risk solutions by engaging with market analysts and Ideagen’s customers.

Peter Adams has over 25 years' experience as a risk and audit professional, working primarily in the public and charity sectors. He is a Chartered Internal Auditor (CMIIA) and holds the IRM diploma in risk management. He also developed his own Audit Management system so has a first-hand knowledge of the benefits, opportunities, and pit falls of audit automation.
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