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Ideagen release latest version of PatientFirst with focus on Sepsis identification and streamlined patient management

19 April 2016

Software firm Ideagen has released the latest version of its PatientFirst software designed to improve identification of Sepsis and ease pressures on staff to meet local and national targets.

The company, which provides software and services to over 400 healthcare organisations globally including 75% of the UK’s NHS, designed the product to enhance the patient experience while cementing the reputation of departments and hospitals.

Paul Jackson, Ideagen’s Clinical Product Manager, said: “Doctors, nurses and reception staff in hospital departments face many testing challenges on a day-to-day basis. From battling patient waiting times to plugging staff shortages, they are continuously under pressure to meet targets while keeping a potentially uncomfortable experience for patients to a minimum.

“Ideagen’s PatientFirst has been specifically designed to provide effective and efficient support for the treatment of patients throughout their time in hospital. The product – coupled with Ideagen’s expertise in working with hospitals in the UK, Europe and beyond – enables doctors, nurses and reception staff to input information quickly and easily, giving instant access to previous attendances as well as relevant and up-to-date patient information.”

The addition of a Sepsis module in the product provides comprehensive screening through extended observations, enforcing the Sepsis Six Pathway for patients flagged as potential sepsis. Full auditing and reporting, as standard, ensures data integrity to support local and national CQUIN targets.

Alongside that, the software’s enhanced Take List functionality enables consultants to review which patients have been referred to their specialty. This provides the ability to assign jobs, prioritise patients and record reviews against the patient summary care record and is driven through a web front end, giving consultants the option of going mobile.

Paul added: “We are particularly excited by the Sepsis module in the product. Due to current methods of identifying Sepsis and Systematic Inflammatory Response System (SIRS) – a pre-cursor to Sepsis – there is a high chance that a patient’s diagnosis could be missed or wrong. We are looking to eradicate this via PatientFirst, automatically flagging up Sepsis or SIRS and significantly reducing unnecessary mortality rates from this treatable infection.”

Ideagen launched PatientFirst to help track patients initially through Accident and Emergency departments. The software has now been adopted beyond A&E, helping departments such as acute medical units meet patient waiting times and share patient data such as observations, A&E attendance history and other clinical information cross department.

For more information on PatientFirst, or to upgrade to the latest version, email us.
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