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Ideagen Gael Ltd enhance Q-Pulse product by extending electronic signatures capability

Monday 29 June 2015
SOFTWARE developers Ideagen Gael Ltd has enhanced its flagship quality and safety management product, Q-Pulse.

The most recent release of Q-Pulse now extends the availability of electronic signatures across the application, a move set to benefit customers in healthcare, life sciences or others operating in FDA Title 21 CFR part 11 regulated environments.

Q-Pulse provides organisations with a central database in which to manage compliance, quality and safety. Among its key features is document, audit and corrective and incident management.

Paul Callaghan, Product Manager for Q-Pulse, said: "Both the People and Training modules now benefit from additional electronic signatures capability.

"The new capability follows the existing Q-Pulse e-signature structure where each signature is able to be configurable and audit trailed and is a high value feature for all our customers but in particular it will be greatly welcomed in the Healthcare, Life Sciences sectors or indeed for anyone operating in FDA Title 21 CFR part 11 regulated environments.”

Q-Pulse’s People and Training module now benefits from additional e-signature capability in the following areas:
  • On completion of an individual’s Training Requirement
  • Completion of an attendee’s course evaluation
  • Changes to an individual’s Competency status
  • Completion of a Scheduled Training Event

The Q-Pulse product is currently used in 93 countries by over 2000 organisations and by more than 1.25 million users globally.


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