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Ideagen Coruson Enterprise GRC product wins GRC 20/20 Environmental Health & Safety Technical Innovation award

Wednesday 23 September 2015

Software developer Ideagen plc’s cloud-based Ideagen Coruson product has been recognised for its “technical innovation” by a leading industry analyst in its annual awards list.

GRC 20/20, analysts of global governance, risk management and compliance solutions and strategies, named Coruson as the most innovative product in its Environmental Health & Safety category. Judges were impressed with Coruson's scalability, user experience, analytics and mobile capability.

Michael Rasmussen, GRC Pundit at GRC 20/20 and internationally recognised expert, who awarded Coruson with the 2015 GRC Innovation Award for Environmental Health & Safety, said: "Ideagen Coruson has demonstrated GRC innovation in Environmental Health & Safety that delivers complete control, visibility and real time reporting across every aspect and detail of operational risks in an organisation. It is imperative that we recognise today’s successes as a milestone toward advancing GRC maturity. In achieving maturity, GRC is part of the organisation’s strategy and operations and supported by a range of technology, knowledge and services – enabling the organisation to achieve greater efficiency, effectiveness, and agility in GRC processes and broader business operations."

David Hornsby, Chief Executive Officer of Ideagen, added: "This is an outstanding award and one that is testament to the hard work and effort that has gone in to the research and development of the Ideagen Coruson product. We believe that Coruson is the most powerful, innovative and user friendly GRC product on the market and we are delighted that the capabilities of the product have been recognised by such a respected group of analysts in GRC 20/20."    

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