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Ideagen at the forefront of patient safety efforts following launch of Government's Sustainability and Transformation Fund

Monday21 December 2015

The UK Government has announced its £1.8 billion sustainability and transformation fund.

It is designed to help trusts reduce their deficits and allow them to focus on transforming services to deliver excellent care for patients every day of the week.

This fund will be awarded to hospitals providing they meet a series of strict conditions, set out by NHS Improvement, NHS England and the Department of Health. These include;

  • Agreeing with NHS England and NHS Improvement a strong and measurable recovery plan that shows how the trust will reduce deficits and break even within a reasonable timeframe, as well as a ‘control total’ for their 2016/17 budget
  • Developing a plan and reporting regularly on progress towards achieving the savings outlined by Lord Carter as part of his review into NHS productivity
  • Making further progress to reduce agency spend, along with a trajectory of how much spend will fall. As well as this, there must be regular reporting against that trajectory; part of the ongoing drive to employ fewer agency staff and more permanent staff to improve continuity of care for patients and improve safety
  • Agreeing with NHS England and NHS Improvement a credible plan for maintaining delivery of core standards for patients, including the four hour A&E standard, the 18 week referral to treatment standard and, for appropriate providers, the ambulance access standards
  • Setting out a clear and credible plan for achieving seven day services for patients throughout the country by 2020.

As a provider of Emergency Department Software to the NHS, Ideagen is dedicated to increasing patient safety through improved identification and tracking, clinical prompts and data quality, whilst assisting trusts achieve government targets. Ideagen's PatientFirst software makes it easier to track and achieve targets while preventing loss of remuneration.

You can read the full article on the Government's new £1.8 billion fund here.

Or read more on Ideagen's PatientFirst Emergency Department software here.

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