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ED units failing to reach 4 hour target to see 95% of patients.

Wednesday 07 January 2015

Reading current news, it would be impossible to miss the reports that waiting times in NHS A&E departments have reached their worst level in the last decade. Actual figures are due to be released, but indications are that emergency departments are failing to reach their 4 hour target to see 95% of patients.

Health Minister Norman Lamb has admitted when speaking to ITV's Good Morning Britain that the NHS "is not meeting" its targets and said Britain's ageing population means hospitals are having to treat older patients with chronic conditions.

Other sources have suggested that the A&E departments are struggling to meet targets due to the influx of 20,000 extra patients a week compared to last year.

The president of the College of Emergency Medicine, Dr Clifford Mann said: "We have reached a tipping point - 20,000 extra patients a week all have to be accommodated within the same bed stock and the same capacity as the system in 2013."

How can technology help the crisis?

Emergency Department Management tool, PatientFirst has been specifically designed to provide effective and efficient support for the treatment of patients throughout the Emergency Department Cycle.

While this does not facilitate more bed stock, it will enable doctors, nurses and reception staff to input information quickly and easily. PatientFirst gives instant access to previous attendances as well as current patient information.

Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt has insisted that targets should not come before patient safety, therefore it is important to mention that PatientFirst helps ensure Patient safety by allowing triage nurses to fast track the most urgent cases, whilst keeping track of their progress through the system and department by means of the Patient Tracker function.

The Emergency Department software conforms to the latest patient charter requirements and may run as a standalone product or interfaced to the hospital’s Patient Administration System (PAS) system.

For more detailed information about the features of PatientFirst, click here.

Who already uses PatientFirst?

Click here to see a selection of customers already utilising the ED Management tool from Ideagen.

Penny Venables, Chief Executive of Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust explains how they have combined Ideagen's PatientFirst ED Management tool with another one of our solutions; Easysite CMS, which powers their public website. This combination of market leading solutions allows up-to-date wait time statistics for the A&E and MIU units. Therefore, allowing patients to assess which hospital is most suitable for them based on; type of hospital, longest wait time to see a doctor/nurse, number of patients currently waiting and total number of patients in the department already. 

Contact us today to discuss how our ED Management tools can aid your trust or hospital to provide an effective and efficient emergency department management solution in times of increased pressure and strain on the NHS.

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