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Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust launch Ideagen’s Clinical Portal to improve patient management

20 June 2016
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Healthcare software developer, Ideagen, is working with a leading NHS Trust to launch an innovative clinical portal designed to improve levels of patient care.

Kent-based Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust has launched Ideagen Clinical Portal, which enhances patient information management and streamline internal IT systems use across the Trust.

Ideagen Clinical Portal is a web-based and complete electronic health portal which provides secure access to a unified view of a patient’s clinical information. It integrates with internal systems such as Patient Administration Systems, A&E, electronic document management, Orders & Results and ward management, providing quicker access to clinical information.

Paul Jackson, Senior Product Manager at Ideagen, said: “CCIO’s and hospital IT directors need modern, user friendly systems that make it easy for clinicians to adopt new working practices and engage directly with IT systems.

“With Ideagen Clinical Portal, all clinical systems are surfaced into a user friendly client interface that clinicians find easy to use and configure. This provides immediate access to clinical information and allows staff to provide more effective care quicker than before.”

Dartford and Gravesham NHS Trust runs services at Darent Valley Hospital, Queen Mary’s Hospital, Erith & District Hospital and Elm Court (Priory Mews) and pride themselves on providing high quality innovative standards of care.

Through Ideagen’s Clinical Portal, the Trust is aiming for “significant” efficiency savings.

Neil Perry, Assistant Director of Clinical Systems Development and Corporate IT at the Trust, said: “Dartford and Gravesham are striving for efficiency and aim to be paperless at the point of care for 2020.

“Our vision of Clinical Portal is to have a single ‘go to’ system for our clinicians that supports and enhances the Trust’s ‘best of breed’ strategy. Through the implementation and roll-out of our Electronic Health Portal via Clinical Portal we seek to make significant cost and efficiency savings as well as witness a number of operational benefits.”

For Dartford, these benefits include:

  • Health Records never being lost or delayed and always available to multiple users at once via the Portal
  • Integrated Order Comms and Results reporting with added benefit of being able to use a workflow functionality to push key notifications to individual users or teams
  • Federation of data from multiple systems into a single view
  • The capture, transformation and onward sending of legacy outputs from third party systems
Ideagen has worked with healthcare organisations – including 75% of the UK NHS – since 1992. Its suite of clinical products including PatientFirst A&E Management and Q-Pulse helps increase digital maturity, encourages paperless working and generates substantial productivity and efficiency savings while improving patient outcomes and care quality.
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