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Ideagen UK Gender Pay Report 2017

At Ideagen, we believe in creating a diverse, balanced and inclusive workforce. But beyond it making good business sense, to have a diverse and inclusive workforce it’s about creating happier, productive and engaged teams – where everyone is given the opportunity to succeed.

We have a mean gender pay gap of 27% (average) and a median (middle) gender pay gap of 25%. This is higher than the current national average of 18.4% and we acknowledge that we have more work to do to close this gap.

We believe in job opportunities for everybody regardless of gender and that we should challenge ourselves to be more inclusive.

Our Figures

The following data shows the gender pay gap and bonus gap at Ideagen at the "snapshot date" (i.e. 5 April 2017). The pay gap reflects the composition of our workforce and is largely due to there being a larger proportion of men in higher paying management roles and also a higher percentage of men in our technical function.

The Gender Pay Report shows the difference between the average earnings of men and women. Gender pay is different to equal pay. Equal pay deals with the pay difference between men and women who carry out the same jobs, similar jobs or work of equal value. We are comfortable that we pay men and women the same for carrying out the same roles.

From the total number of employees at Ideagen:

33% Female, 67% Male

Proportion Of Employees Receiving A 2016 Bonus

Male 28%, Female 29%

Pay Quartiles

Proportion of males and females according to quartile pay bands:
Upper: 13% Female, 87% Male | Upper Middle: 28% Female, 72% Male | Lower Middle: 41% Female, 59% Male | Lower Quartile: 36% Female, 64% Male
Mean Gender Pay Gap 27%, Median Gender Pay Gap 25%, Mean Gender Bonus Gap 8%, Median Gender Bonus Gap 0%

We acknowledge that we have a gap and we're committed to reducing it. We know that our gender pay gap is less of a pay issue and more down to a lack of female representation in certain roles, including software developers and leadership roles. We have 23% female and 77 % male split within the senior leadership team. This is known as a "demographic gap".

With a median bonus gap of 0%, we know we are rewarding our people eligible for a bonus equally.

Looking To The Future

Creating an inclusive culture:

  • Through our leadership programme we want to equip and empower our leaders to own and drive inclusion.
  • Ensuring unconscious bias training is incorporated for all hiring managers
  • Review how to make our employment practices more family friendly, so that all of our employees are able to better achieve a work-life balance.
  • Making sure that every policy, procedure and piece of line manager guidance encourages inclusive ways of working and reinforces our culture and values

Attract and nurture the female talent pool:

  • Continue to raise our profile to attract women to develop and take STEM careers
  • To foster the next generation, we will proactively support and participate in initiatives with schools/colleges/universities to help improve the pipeline of women studying and seeing careers in STEM subjects.
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