Ideagen is a customer obsessed organisation

Our purpose is to make the client experience as simple, efficient and effective as possible, helping them reduce time-to-value and achieve desired outcomes.
We aim to do this through working with honesty and transparency to ensure customer satisfaction and create strong working relationships for the long term.


5000+ clients, globally

250+ hospitals in the UK and US

300+ global aviation organisations

7 of the top 10 UK accounting firms

All global aerospace and defence companies

75% of the top global pharmaceutical companies

representatives from Natero and Ideagen

Customer success

Ideagen's customer success programme partnership

In 2017, Ideagen launched its Customer Success programme to enhance our knowledge of software performance and customer health.

In a joint and strategic partnership, we implemented the Natero customer success software system in the latest development of our customer success project.



Encouraging our customers to communicate and collaborate

All of our customers are part of a vibrant #IdeagenCommunity and have access to a dedicated customer website for;

  • Valuable product information
  • Standards and compliance updates
  • Product training & development
  • Practical applications and useful collateral
ideagen horizons event

Customer council

Working directly with members to improve Ideagen offerings to all customers

We have regular contact with the council to discuss their views and the feedback provided by them fully influences the decisions we make on what we offer to our customers.

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