Why, oh why did I...?

By Laura Gibbons

Today has been a bad day. I was late for work this morning, which had knock on effects for the rest of my day – I didn’t have enough time to fully prepare for a morning meeting; I forgot my purse, which meant I couldn’t buy lunch; I needed to work late in order to catch up to my normal workload…that's to name but a few consequences.

This is not like me at all. I like to be on time, organised and prepared for my working day ahead. So, how did this happen? Rather than me accepting this as having “just one of those days”, I decided to look further into how this happened – and perform a bit of a Root Cause Analysis.

Why was I late for work? Well, I missed my usual train. I was a bit later arriving at the station, which meant that I had difficulty in finding a parking space. When I eventually managed to park the car, I had to run to the platform and got there just in time to see the train leaving the station!


Why did I miss the train? Thinking back to earlier that morning, I remembered that I had gotten stuck in traffic. I usually miss the morning rush hour traffic as I tend to be on the road before the busiest time. That didn’t happen today. I left the house later than normal because I couldn’t find my car keys. I found myself rushing about the house trying to get everything organised for work.

Why was I rushing about? I slept in this morning. Let’s be honest, everyone likes a lie in, and I’m no different. But, this morning was a real struggle. I remember hitting the ‘snooze button’ on my alarm a lot more times than usual - t had been a cold night and it was just too warm underneath the duvet. But, it’s been cold for months, and I’ve not had the same trouble getting out of bed as I had this morning.

So, why was this morning such a struggle then? Well, the night before, my husband and I decided to watch a late night movie. Now, normally, if I try and start watching a movie after 9pm, I usually find myself falling asleep – not because the movie is boring or bad in any way, but once the lights are out and the blankets are on, I just get too comfortable. Last night was different though – I had had a great sleep the night before and then, just after dinner, I had a cup of coffee. Talk about being wide awake! I knew, in my head, that I may struggle to get out of bed the next morning but, as the film started, that thought quickly left my head.

Why, oh why, didn’t I listen to my instincts? Sometimes the most common-sense answers are by-passed and that’s exactly what happened. Now, normally I would have put this whole thing down to the excuse of “just one of those things” but I decided to carry out a Root Cause Analysis. It’s not until we start asking ourselves “Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?” that we fully begin to understand the reasons behind our actions and consequences.  

It’s exactly the same when considering our  Corrective Action, Preventive Actions… unless we also carry out Root Cause Analysis, how can we begin to understand where something went wrong and how we fix it, or even prevent it from happening a second time? The answer is – we can’t. It’s all relative and therefore it’s extremely important to understand our actions and consequences.

To find out more about how Ideagen can help you with your CA/PA or Root Cause Analysis, contact us today.

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