Why is SMAC such a GRC Game Changer?

By Gordon Mckeown

One of the reasons that  Ideagen Coruson is the best operational GRC product on the planet is its embodiment of the SMAC paradigm for enterprise productivity.

SMAC stands for Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud. The essential angle for business is that the convergence of these forces can be harnessed to create competitive advantage. In fact, is being harnessed by the smartest, best managed organisations. It's also worth noting that when done correctly, cloud offers better security than a hosted solution. For example, the security on offer from Amazon Web Services cannot be compared to that of an on-premise server room or even the average data warehouse. 

Social is about collaboration and new ways of interacting to get work done, both internally and externally.


Mobile is about mobilising business processes backed up by clever system integration. It is NOT about handing out shiny toys so people can get their emails in the departure lounge. 

Analytics is about near and real time insight for decision making, resource planning and risk management. It’s about monitoring KPI’s and trends.  

Cloud is about scalable enterprise applications with outstanding user experience. Better integration and interconnectedness. It’s also about the Internet of Things which is going to be massive for productivity, often in ways we are only glimpsing. 

As these powerful Internet-enabled technologies converge, businesses stand to reap enormous benefits. To name a few:


  • Better collaboration and productivity
  • Streamlined processes that deliver huge efficiencies
  • Enterprise applications that deliver seamless workflows, governance and risk management
  • A more robust and scalable IT infrastructure that is cheaper and more powerful at the same time
  • Greater safety through monitoring of safety performance indicators and near or real time reporting by staff


Coruson delivers operational GRC that has been conceived, designed and built in the SMAC model. For example, it is not just ‘in the cloud’ but rather is ‘of the cloud.’ 

Perhaps you are old enough to remember the complete transformation of work that was wrought by the convergence of personal computers plus productivity software between 1989 and 1993. Whole industries were transformed by spreadsheets, word processing and email. A new class of worker was created: the knowledge worker

This time round it is SMAC, and once again work is being transformed. Operational GRC processes are being transformed and delivering huge business benefits. If you want to get it right, start here:


  • Look for solutions that facilitate collaboration and interaction inside and outside your organisation.
  • To get mobile right, you need to mobilise the business process. Mobile needs to transform how work is actually done; it is not about email.
  • Your GRC solutions must deliver powerful, useful analytics. That is real time decision support, safety intelligence and performance monitoring. Not downloaded reports. 
  • If you need a scalable enterprise solution that is easy to deploy to any extent, anywhere, anytime, without limits, be serious about the cloud. And ‘hosted’ does not equal 'cloud'. 

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