Shed the Pounds - Paper Style

By Lisa Craig

If your January is anything like mine then it’s always full of great intentions - this year there's the usual new gym memberships, the latest fad diets and a clear out of the cupboards. Even at work I spend the first week sorting my desk, implementing my strategic plan and filing all of last year’s paperwork.

However this year is different - I started working for Ideagen in 2014 and this January I don’t have any unwanted paperwork because Ideagen use their very own software solution, Q-Pulse, the leading Electronic Quality Management System.

With Q-Pulse, there's no need for the volumes of paper work I'd been used to. The system helps me eliminate duplication of effort and reduces time I previously spent searching for information in a plethora of systems, spreadsheets, databases, reports and filing cabinets as everything I need is stored, electronically, in the system. Even better than that, I never miss an action and am constantly aware of my workload due to the solution's built in ability to automatically email me when I have any documents to acknowledge or review or change requests to action. But that's just the beginning see, as I can also raise non-conformances or assess any potential risks to the business from the system as well.

I can tell you it’s a really good feeling to start the year with peace of mind that I don’t have any outstanding actions (due to the automated acknowledgement function). I have visibility over my career path and know where I’m going (through Q-Pulse's training matrix module) and I have accountability of my responsibilities and flexibility through the web reporting module, with the ability to acknowledge and report  anywhere, any time on my phone or iPad!

Don’t fall into the same trap as last year; make a positive change to your company and look into being carefree and paperless this year with Q-Pulse.

Here's my Top 5 reasons for having an electronic Quality Management System in place:

1. Cut Costs & Save Time

Time is money in the business world and we all know how much time we waste setting up and trying to follow manual processes - if you can actually find the correct version! An electronic Quality Management System automatically informs you of any changes or acknowledgements, leaving everyone knowing what they have to do, when they have to do it and how to do it!

2. Reducing Risk

By having a central and accessible location for all documents and processes, it helps identify, and even eliminate, possible risks from any internal or external sources. We all know that the ISO 9001:2015 changes take on a more risk-based approach and Q-Pulse allows your organisation to adopt this thinking.

3. Increase Customer Satisfaction

The customer and supplier modules within Q-Pulse enable visibility and facilitate transparency of your business. The Customer Management module keeps a record of all comments (positive and negative) about the product or service meaning the information can be viewed, analysed and dealt with in the appropriate manner, allowing any negative issues to be sorted immediately and rectified for future. The Supplier Management module provides a listing of all suppliers, their details and a quality record showing historical performance for each in terms of delivery, failures, warranty claims, returns, complaints, audits and reviews. A register of approved suppliers shows those under consideration and those deemed unsuitable. This information is made available to the purchasing function to ensure inappropriate suppliers are not used and thereby prevent costly mistakes.

4. Increased Visibility

Q-Pulse increases visibility for your employees and customers through clearly defined and managed processes, leaving little room for error. Employees can see their skills set and possible promotion opportunities through the People and Training competency matrix and, as a business, you can see at a glance which employees have the training and skills required for specific functions within your operation.

5. Give your business the competitive advantage

Implementing and investing in a Quality Management System already puts you ahead of your competitors that haven’t. Customers value quality and service when purchasing their goods and services and will continue to purchase from a company that believe quality is key! In these difficult economic times, customers don’t waste time on companies that don’t deliver promises!

6. Grow your business

Once your Quality Management System is in place you can shift your time and focus from constantly fire fighting to looking at more opportunities to grow your business as you will have peace of mind from being able to oversee your operations from a high level and at the touch of a button.

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