How to improve document review

By Jesse Dukes

We have all been there, the document submission deadline is fast approaching, as the document owner responsible for hitting that deadline you are having sleepless nights about if it is even possible to complete the review and get an approved document ready to go in the time left. You can’t get to sleep just thinking about the number of emails you are going to have in your inbox tomorrow. You are having nightmares about getting track changes from 10 different people, on 10 different versions. You keep waking up thinking about playing judge and jury on conflicting change adjudication. 


OK, maybe that is just me.

Or at least it used to be.

Now I sleep peacefully because I have a great solution, it’s called PleaseReview.

PleaseReview is a collaborative authoring, review and redaction software which simplifies complex document collaboration. It makes working together, in large teams, easy. It solves all the classic challenges which teams face every day, collaborating remotely on business-critical documents.

PleaseReview has been helping international organisations all over the world save huge amounts of time (upwards of 65%) and money (upwards of 35%) on critical document reviews. Get to the finish line faster and more efficiently, requiring far less review cycles and minimising any duplication of effort between reviewers.

PleaseReview solves the problem by providing a secure environment in which multiple reviewers can contribute to a document review in real-time. They will all be working on exactly the same version of the document and have visibility of other reviewer’s comments and changes, as they make them. As a reviewer I have confidence that my suggestions won’t be missed and I am not wasting my time on the wrong version or duplicating changes. As a review owner I can relax because I know I can maintain total control of the review, I can see progress as it happens, and I can schedule automatic email reminders to keep the whole project on track. Then, once the review has finished I can download the final version into its original format, ready to use, at the click of a button. No formatting required.

All in all, it is pretty awesome.

And I might be biased but you don’t have to take my word for it. Why don’t you take a look through some examples of what other businesses are achieving with PleaseReview by reading some of our case studies.

Take a look at how Naval Warfare Development Command has transformed it’s review process, collaborating seamlessly and securely on complex reviews, not just internally but also with third parties.

“PleaseReview is unlike any document management system you have tried before. It is as easy to use as Microsoft Word, but allows reviewers to work simultaneously on the same document and eliminates the most labor intensive aspects associated with structured document reviews”

Or maybe you want to find out how Pearl Pharmaceuticals has all but eliminated time spent collating comments and allowed their team to focus on content not formatting.

“We have been able to almost eliminate the amount of time authors spend collating comments into the next version and are now far more efficient about resolution of conflicting reviewer comments. Our authors now spend more time focused on the development of document content rather than document formatting”

Or maybe you don’t want to read, so watch what PleaseReview has done for the International Energy Agency

By now you are surely convinced, PleaseReview provides real, measurable, business performance benefits not to mention the positive effect it has on the general attitude towards document reviews within organisations. PleaseReview is changing document collaboration and with version 6.4 just around the corner, bringing with it a host of improvements, there is no better time to find out what PleaseReview can do for you.

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