Helping our customers get the most out of our software

Customer Services at Ideagen

Our customer department is made up of several different teams.

Customer Delivery works with some of the biggest names across key industries, supporting them to integrate their new software products into their business and acts as a mentor throughout the process. Its role is not only to deliver customers' expectations but also to effectively manage sales scope, customer project success and support the wider business to deliver the projects effectively.

Customer Success serves as advocate for our customers and ensures their experience is as simple, efficient, and effective as possible through their on-boarding journey and beyond. The objective is to help customers reduce 'Time to Value' and achieve their desired outcomes using our solutions. Customer engagements also provide valuable and relevant feedback to help shape our product roadmaps, and we endeavour to be considered as ‘Trusted advisors’ by our customers.

Technical Support is a direct point of contact with our customers and provides support should any customer experience technical difficulties. It is a key link in ensuring that all our customers are technically proficient and able to make the best use of our software to achieve their business goals.

Other teams that work with the department