Agile auditing for a post-COVID-19 world

Help your organisation recover and adapt

Amid the uncertainty and challenges faced by organisations over the past year, agile auditing is a crucial methodology to adopt to deliver valuable insights, reporting and engagement to your organisation.

Traditional methods of internal audit are inefficient for dealing with rapid change. Our internal audit software, Pentana Audit, facilitates the adoption of new agile auditing techniques that will help you come out the other side post-COVID-19.

ptaudit_agileauditpostcovid_graphic-02 (1).svg (1)

Key takeaways

Better flexibility

Discover the benefits of agile auditing

Adapt to change

Develop the methods needed to deal with the effects of covid-19

Increase stakeholder engagement

Make it easier to feed back to key stakeholders

Faster audit cycles

Provide real-time insights

Improved reporting

Cut down reporting times and provide better informed decisions

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